Yacht Cleaning & Detailing

Yacht Cleaning & Detailing

Star Yacht Group works in synergy with professional partners specialized in yacht detailing, both internal and external.

Cleaning and keeping yacht materials and fabrics pristine is always a big issue. At the same time, boats need full protection from the harmful effects of the environment.

Our partners are deeply experienced in quality control and happy to offer their expertise in this field, customizing their services to meet all your needs.

Thanks to them, we can help you with the care and maintenance of the most precious areas of your yacht, providing you different kinds of services to maintain all the boat spaces clean and pleasant.

Carpet cleaning
Carpets and rugs are the first areas of the yacht which get dirty. They need to be sanitized by well-equipped professional workers at least once or twice per year, to avoid the procreation of dust mites and other parasites that could be dangerous to your health. Depending on the precious fabrics and materials of your yacht, our partners will utilize different cleaning techniques with professional products and equipment, removing stains that ruin their aspect and characteristics.

Marble polishing and restoration
Marble is a material as precious as delicate and it requires to be polished, protected from stains and preserved from any damage. The Star Yacht Group team will help you in restoring these marble parts on board with special methods of polishing, renovation and protection, restoring their natural shininess.

Sofa and mattress sanitation
Sofas and mattress need regular hygiene and maintenance in order to eliminate dust mites, mold, stains and bad odors. Our team of experts will disinfect and clean them deeply with their professional machines, both indoor and outdoor. Your mattresses and sofas will return stainless, fresh and clean.

Laundry service
We will pick up the bags with your laundry directly from your yacht and deliver your clothes cleaned and ironed as soon as possible. An excellent service of washing, dry-cleaning, ironing and folding is always guaranteed.

Outside polishing and waxing
Yachts need to be preserved from salt water, ultra violet sun rays and other dangerous effects of the environment. We strongly recommend to wax and polish them at least twice a year in order to provide long lasting protection.

Daily workers
If you need support for yacht cleaning, we have a trusted team of willing and capable experts at your services for daily activities on board.

For more information and assistance info@staryachtgroup.com or call us at +39.3395805114 or +39.3466716331

Star Yacht Group
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