Helicopter Transfer in Sardinia

Helicopter Transfer in Sardinia
Our private helicopter transport provides services in carefully chosen helicopters according to precise standards of both luxury and safety. Our network provides worldwide access for private helicopters, ranging from the single engine Eurocopter AS350 Écureuil (Squirrel) for 5 passengers to the Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin for 8 passengers.Our travel department can organize sightseeing helicopter tours of Sardinia, to admire the beauties of the island from above, in total relax and comfort.Thanks to the support of our professional photographer, we can also arrange aerial photography services, providing you breathtaking images and videos of excellent quality. Sit back, relax and enjoy your journey while we will provide you with professional and luxury service 24/7, guaranteeing the best and fastest way to fly, combined with modern design and the highest safety standards.


Helicopter Transfers from Olbia, Porto Cervo, Bonifacio



  • From Olbia to Porto Rotondo
  • Flying Time: 5 minutes
  • From Olbia to Cala di Volpe
  • Flying Time: 7 minutes
  • From Olbia to Hotel Romazzino
  • Flying Time: 7 minutes
  • From Olbia to Ville del Pevero
  • Flying Time: 7 minutes
  • From Olbia to Porto Cervo
  • Flying Time: 9 minutes
  • From Olbia to Isle of Cavallo
  • Flying Time: 16 minutes
  • From Olbia to Ajaccio
  • Flying Time: 37 minutes

Porto Cervo

  • From Porto Cervo to Olbia
  • Flying time: 9 minutes
  • From Porto Cervo to Ajaccio
  • Flying time: 28 minutes
  • From Porto Cervo to Bonifacio
  • Flying time: 45 minutes
  • From Porto Cervo to Villasimius
  • Flying time: 80 minutes


  • From Bonifacio to Porto Cervo
  • Flying time: 45 minutes
  • From Bonifacio to Olbia
  • Flying time: 54 minutes
  • From Bonifacio to Villasimius
  • Flying time: 125 minutes


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